Tuition and Financial Aid

Fels is proud to be recognized as a “Best Value” among top public service programs, and we are committed to making our graduate degree affordable.

A majority of our full-time and executive students receive departmental scholarships. Aside from public service program partnership agreements, all full-time financial aid awards are merit-based and depend on the strength of an application.

The majority of full-time MPA students fund their graduate education (see tuition and fees below) through a combination of merit-based tuition scholarships and federal and private loans. Fels encourages and assists many students in obtaining part-time internships, which provide varying levels of support. Additional sources of support include foreign government and international scholarship programs, Federal Stafford and Perkins student loans, private loans, and university work study.

Professional applicants should indicate if their employer provides tuition assistance. Penn employees and others who receive significant employer assistance are not eligible for departmental scholarships. Executive applicants are eligible for federal loans as long as they matriculate in two classes during the fall semester and two classes in the spring semester. Enrollment in one class during the academic year will result in a withdrawal of federal loans.

Fels does not award scholarships to certificate or non-degree students. Certificate and non-degree students may apply for private loans but are not eligible for federal loans.

For more information on funding your education, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services at (215) 898-1988.

Tuition, fees, health insurance, & living costs

2018-2019 Academic year costs per semester, measured by c.u. (credit units)

  1 c.u.  2 c.u.  3 c.u. 
Tuition $6,380 $12,760 $19,140
General fee $394 $788 $1,182
Total   $6,774 $13,548 $20,322
Health insurance   n/a n/a $1,674
Clinical fee   n/a n/a $273
Living expenses n/a n/a $12,205 (est. for term)

More information is available on the University Provost's

Some of our students have also benefited from the Graduate Associate program.

2017-2018 MPA Executive Student Bill

See tuition rates on the Executive MPA page.

A portion of the general fee is allocated to the physical development of the University, support for the Student Health Service, the Career Placement Service, graduate student activities, recreational facilities, and other services not directly associated with specific courses. Tuition and general fees are payable on or before the appointed registration date for each term.

The university also requires full-time students (three or more course units) to maintain health insurance with coverage for in-patient care and catastrophic illness and injury. Students may satisfy insurance requirements through private or employer-sponsored plans or enrollment in Penn Student Insurance Program (PSIP).

Coverage for the Student Health Service is optional for part-time students. Part-time students may enroll in PSIP but are not required to do so and will not be enrolled by default in PSIP. For more information on health-related requirements for Penn students, visit the Student Health Service website.

Click here to view a list of external funding opportunities compiled for current and prospective students of the Fels Institute of Government.

Students are encouraged to pursue external funding opportunities included in and beyond this list and should be aware that financial aid decisions made by Fels will not be influenced by the pursuit of external funding sources. Opportunities are listed alphabetically with opportunities exclusively for international students accompanied by a star (*).

Students considering external funding sources should familiarize themselves with the Outside Scholarship Policies of Student Financial Services. For additional information about funding your Fels education, please reach out to our Admissions team directly by contacting Josh Power, Director of Admissions and Graduate Studies, at 215-746-3700 or

For additional scholarship searches we recommend visiting the following search engines:,,,,

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