Capstone Projects

The capstone project is the crowning achievement of your degree

The culmination of the Fels degree program, the capstone project is an opportunity to apply your classroom knowledge and skills to specific tasks or inquiries that serve the real-world needs of nonprofit organizations and government agencies. You have the option to propose your own capstone project or choose from a list of projects submitted by government agencies and nonprofit organizations to Fels Lab. The resulting project enables students to build relationships with diverse stakeholders and improve their skills in policy research, creative thinking, data analysis and interpretation, program evaluation, written and verbal communication, time management, and client management.

Students begin thinking about potential capstone projects during orientation and career advising as we get to know the skill areas you would like to develop and the types of organizations you may want to support. Once you have reviewed available Fels Lab projects or worked with faculty to design your own, you’ll be matched with your partner organization and guided by your capstone advisor as you begin the preliminary research and data collection for your project. A formal credit-bearing capstone course is designed to help you finalize your project. 

Partners: Is your organization interested in working with a Fels student on a capstone project? Submit a Fels Lab capstone project proposal »

Project Name Project Type Organization
Pilot Program Evaluation and Recommendations for Growth Data analysis, Program evaluation Poetry in America; Arizona State University Center for Public Humanities
Stakeholder Engagement for Strategic Planning Strategic planning Crossroads for Women
An Analysis of Responsible Investing, ESG Investing, and Impact Investing Policy analysis QBE Insurance
The Progressive Turnout Program for Pennsylvania: A Best Practices Implementation Guide Policy analysis, Program development NA
Measuring the Use and Perception of the Law Enforcement Treatment Initiative Program evaluation PA Attorney General's Law Enforcement Treatment Initiative
Value Capture Mechanisms for Affordable Housing Policy analysis The Rail Park
New Jersey Electric Bicycle Incentive Analysis & Program Proposal Policy analysis, Program development New Jersey's Clean Energy Program
An Evaluation of Giving Power Back to the People Program evaluation Kensington Community Resilience Fund
Pedestrianization of Camac Street Policy analysis, Program development Philadelphia City Council
Identifying Opportunities to Improve Health Outcomes in the JEVS Client Population Data analysis, Program evaluation JEVS Human Services
Building the Practice of Community Coaching in South Jersey: Operational Guide Program development South Jersey Community Foundation
Building the Practice of Community Coaching in South Jersey: Landscape Report Program evaluation South Jersey Community Foundation
Black Antebellum Settlements & the Modern-Day Wealth Gap in New Jersey Policy analysis NA
Improvements on the Property Tax/Rent Rebate and Tax Forgiveness Programs Data analysis, Program evaluation Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
The Criminalization of Unsheltered Homelessness and a Better, Proven Path Forward for Policymakers Policy analysis National Low Income Housing Coalition
Systemic Reform of the Criminal Expungement Process for Philadelphia County Data analysis, Program evaluation, Strategic planning Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity
Assessing Representation in English Language Arts Curricula Policy analysis The Education Trust
New York City Violent Gun Crime Strategic Study Data analysis Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, New York Field Division, Crime Gun Intelligence Center
A Policy Agenda for Nationwide Children's Hospital's Social Justice Initiative Policy analysis Nationwide Children's Hospital
A Community Recompense Program for Institutional Expansion* Program development Office of Councilwoman Jamie R. Gauthier
Expanded Child Tax Credit Outreach Campaign Evaluation* Program evaluation City of Philadelphia Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity
Help for the Hurdles Program Evaluation Program evaluation City of Philadelphia Office of Homeless Services
Measuring Effectiveness of Diversity and Inclusion Policies on Campus Racial Climate Policy analysis The EdTrust
Smart Artificial Intelligence Policies Policy analysis City of Philadelphia Office of Innovation & Technology
Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative: A Qualitative Analysis of the Grantee Experience* Program evaluation The Food Trust
A Feasibility Study for the Creation of a Garden Commons Network Across Philadelphia* Program development Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Crisis Communications Plan Marketing and communication plan Cleveland Department of Public Health
Doorways Prevention Program Training and Evaluation Assessment Program evaluation Doorways' Prevention Program
Continuing to Serve: Preparing Veterans to Transition into Service Organizations Program evaluation U.S. Department of Defense Transition Assistance Program
Reuse Rise Rejoice: A Menstrual Health Program Evaluation* Program evaluation African Education Program
Economic Impacts of Refugee Resettlement in the United States and Texas Data analysis N/A
Always Be Disclosing: Should Bank Size Preclude Eligibility for Climate Risk Disclosures? Data analysis N/A
Psychosocial Support Services for Gender-Based Violence in Southwest State Somalia Data analysis Gender-Based Violence Psychosocial Support Services
Strategic Plan for the Botswana - University of Pennsylvania Partnership Strategic planning Botswana - University of Pennsylvania Partnership
A Risk Informed Policy Analysis of Nuclear Power in Electricity Markets Policy analysis Nuclear Energy Institute
Making the Right Choice: A college decision making toolkit for adult learners Policy analysis Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
A Strategic Plan for Optimizing New Jersey's State Revolving Fund Application Process Strategic planning New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Autism and the Courts Initiative* Program development Supreme Court of Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania Department of Human Services; ASERT Collaborative
Reaching Women Veterans: Background Report & Communications Strategy* Marketing and communication plan U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Mission Based Grantmaking: A Path to Success Program development K10 Kids Foundation
An Overview of Best Practices for Affordable Single-Family Housing Development and Finance Policy analysis Cinnaire
The ReStart Program Program development Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Radar and the Price of Speed Advocacy plan N/A
Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger Environmental Scan Strategic planning The Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger
Personal Protective Equipment Supply & Supply Chain During COVID-19 Policy analysis Community Network for Epidemic Preparedness and Support
Comparative Analysis of Municipal Experiences Owning and Selling Public Goods Policy analysis Delaware County Council
Evaluation Capacity-Building Strategic planning ImpactEd
Process Improvement Within the Chicago Community Trust Program evaluation Chicago Community Trust
Municipal High-Performance and Healthy Buildings Guidelines* Program development City of Philadelphia Office of Sustainability
Young "Invincibles": Understanding Health Insurance Among Pennsylvania's Young Adults* Data analysis Pennsylvania Health Access Network
PHENND Managing Networks* Data analysis Philadelphia Higher Education Network for Neighborhood Development
Representations of China Across the Media Landscape* Data analysis N/A
Realigning As We Build: Data Implementation Plan* Data analysis Philadelphia Parks & Recreation
Measuring Impact in a Complex World: A Social Return on Investment Framework* Data analysis JEVS Human Services
Now do we do it? Philly Style Program evaluation Students Run Philly Style
Riverfront North Partnership Data Implementation Plan Program evaluation Riverfront North Partnership
Juvenile Hall Admission and Impacts to Primary Care: Santa Clara County* Data analysis Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
The Polarization Machine: How Digital Activity Threatens Electoral Legitimacy Policy analysis N/A
A Study on Murals, Artist, and the Guilds Community Impact Program evaluation Mural Arts Philadelphia
Establishment of an Innovation Resource Network for Penn Medical Ethics Program development University of Pennsylvania Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy
An Analysis of the Free Library of Philadelphia's Digital Resource and Service Provision During COVID-19* Data analysis Free Library of Philadelphia
Evaluating Seattle’s Democracy Voucher Program Policy analysis City of Philadelphia Board of Ethics
A Roadmap for Funding Permanent Supportive Housing Program development Asociación Puertorriqueños En Marcha
Review of Anti-Poverty Efforts by the City of Philadelphia Policy analysis N/A
Hallandale Beach Strategic Policing Initiative Measurement Protocols Program evaluation Hallandale Beach Police Department
Quality Jobs Tax Grant Program Design Program development City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce
Inequities in Disaster Evacuation for Low-Income Families* Policy analysis N/A
Membership Program Marketing and Communication Plan* Marketing and communication plan Committee of Seventy
Membership Program Survey Evaluation* Program evaluation Committee of Seventy
Ending Hunger for Good Workforce Development Plan Program development Pottsdown Collaborative
Equine Assisted Therapy for Veterans* Program development Valley Forge Military Academy
Assessing Philadelphia's Health Regulations to Reduce Commercial Waste* Policy analysis City of Philadelphia Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet
Default Justice: Debt Buyer Lawsuits in Philadelphia Municipal Court* Data analysis N/A
Predictive Analytics for US Armed Forces Veterans Exposed to Toxins Advocacy plan N/A
The Fight for Fair Funding in the State of Pennsylvania’s High-Need School District Policy analysis Education Law Center in Philadelphia
Analyzing Community Violence Reduction Programs in Philadelphia Policy analysis City of Philadelphia Office of Violence Prevention

*Indicates capstone was recognized with distinction

Claire Robertson-Kraft, capstone instructor

"There is increasing demand being put on nonprofit leaders and public sector agencies to demonstrate the impact that they have in the community. Regardless of your role, it’s important to have an understanding of what data can tell you, how to use data, and how not to use data."

Claire Robertson-Kraft, Capstone Instructor


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