Fels Lab Project Submission

Nonprofit and government organizations are invited to submit project proposals for specific strategic tasks (e.g., program development or evaluation, community outreach, advancement, etc) that would benefit from Fels MPA student support. Read more about the Fels Lab here.

If your organization does not have a specific project or initiative but is in need of general student support, please contact our staff to request a Fels student intern.

(i.e. background, mission, etc.)
Please provide a brief description of the project. Include context, goals, stakeholders, etc.
Please describe what a successful project will look like when finished. What work product should student(s) submit to you at the conclusion of the project?
Most Fels Lab projects will be completed in fulfillment of students’ capstone requirement. Capstone projects are due either April or July. Please indicate what completion timeline works best for your project.
If different from Contact listed

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