Rachel Meadows

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Rachel Meadows
Chief of Staff to Philadelphia City Councilwoman Cherelle L. Parker

Rachel Meadows is the Chief of Staff to Philadelphia City Councilwoman Cherelle L. Parker. She is responsible for advising the Councilwoman while developing and implementing her policy initiatives, performing policy research and drafting legislation, and analyzing the annual budget proposal for the City of Philadelphia. Prior to working for the Councilwoman, Rachel worked on strategic communications, policy outreach, and strategy for PolicyLab, a research center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Prior to that, she held other jobs in both city government and the nonprofit sector. Rachel received her BA from the University of Pennsylvania. She returned to Penn’s Fels Institute of Government to earn a Master in Public Administration, with a concentration in public finance. After graduating from Fels, she helped teach a Fels budgeting course for several years. While not born in Philadelphia, it has been her adopted home since 2001. She and her husband are now raising a “native Philadelphian,” their son, who is almost three.

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