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Re:CAP Recommends | The Trillion Dollar Question II: Tracking Investment Needs in Transport

October 24, 2016

In one month, the landmark Paris Agreements on climate change will go into effect. Signatory nations, whether developed or still-developing, are taking steps to reduce carbon emissions and develop innovative policy and infrastructure solutions to meet this urgent global challenge in an effort that President Obama noted will be remembered in future years as a “global turning point.”

Meeting the global vision of low-carbon transportation sustainability is a whole-of-government effort in which the policymaker’s role is pivotal. The scope of this issue is vast, and leaders throughout all levels of the public sector must become fluent in these topics and investigate ways for their organization to contribute to the solution. 

Ahmad Iqbal Chaudhary, MPA '14, co-author of the World Research Institute Ross Center for Sustainable Cities’ “The Trillion Dollar Question II: Tracking Investment Needs in Transport,” is currently working on urban development and infrastructure research projects targeted at low-carbon infrastructure modernization to meet global climate needs. Ahmad has worked with the World Bank as a Climate Finance and Urban Transport Consultant for projects in Africa and South Asia. Prior to Fels, he was an investment banker in Pakistan.

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