Re:CAP Recommends | President Trump Could Mean a Great Deal for Cities

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November 17, 2016

Re:CAP Recommends President Trump Could Mean a Great Deal for Cities, written and self-published by Brett Mandel.

Who: Brett Mandel is an advocate of political and government reform in Philadelphia. Previously a candidate for City Controller, Brett served as the Executive Director of Philadelphia Forward, Executive Director of the National Education Technology Funding Corporation, and as Director of Financial and Policy Analysis in the Office of the Controller, City of Philadelphia. He is an author of Philadelphia: A New Urban Direction.                       

What: Despite not supporting Trump's run for president, political reformer Brett Mandel identifies opportunities within Trump’s priorities to improve Philadelphia and cities. Could there be some potential in what Trump proposes for urban America?

Takeaway: The author discusses the proposition of enabling urban growth through pension debt and taxation restructuring, which may hold the key to a "Great Deal" for American cities. A focus on urban infrastructure, President-Elect Trump argues, puts millions back to work rebuilding cities. Despite where his political leanings may fall, Mandel sees potential for Philadelphia and America's cities in Trump's vision. 

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