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October 3, 2016

Bottom Line Up Front

  • Re:CAP will provide access to promising practices from the visionaries of the public sector
  • Understanding of Context, Analysis, and Practice are required for public impact
  • Re:CAP will create a community and provide space for conversation about crucial issues
  • Submission proposals are being accepted now

Build a wall. Free college for all. Guns for everyone. Guns for no one. When our country can’t agree on the what, public administrators find themselves with an incredibly difficult task in executing the how. With entire populations as stakeholders, direction is often contested, progress gradual, and success ambiguous. To achieve individual and organizational goals, a public leader must navigate politics, business, bureaucracy, and more. In this complex and rapidly-changing arena, those who have committed themselves to a life of public service deserve access to resources that will support their success and enable their best practice.

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce Re:CAP. Re:CAP, produced by the Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania, aims to present public leaders with information on promising, data-driven practices that can be applied immediately to their work. Forward-thinking perspectives and cutting-edge research will examine the context dictating the public landscape, provide in-depth analysis of universal problems both specific and broad, and propose practical considerations crucial to implementing fresh insight. The intricacies of the public sector demand constant improvement and thoughtful examination; Re:CAP will help you perform at your best and enable your organization to thrive. 

The Fels Institute of Government is well positioned to provide substantive and meaningful content that can be leveraged by public administrators around the world. The driving philosophy behind Fels is CAP - only through a thorough understanding of context, the ability to analyze, and the capacity to put the subsequent insight into practice can a public leader achieve their maximum impact. From educating students to supporting current public administrators, CAP is key to efficient and effective programs.

Re:CAP will be fueled by the efforts of many, and contributors will include visionary practitioners at the peak of their careers, experienced and cutting-edge faculty from the University of Pennsylvania, and passionate Fels students exploring groundbreaking methods for public leadership. To have its own maximum impact, however, Re:CAP must not only promote ideas, but also provide a space for important conversations. Through Re:CAP, a community of collaborative, ambitious, and dedicated public leaders can discuss the pressing issues of the public sector.

We intend for this project to provide a crucial service, and we want your help. If you believe that sharing your experience and expertise can enhance other public leaders' opportunities for success, I encourage you to reach out and offer your contributions. Thinking back on my career as a policy analyst in diversity and inclusion, there are many times where the insight of others was a boon for me, and there are many others where my findings could be crucial to others. I look forward to contributing to this effort often in the coming years, and call to others who can provide their support to this cause to step forward. Please contact our editorial staff at with inquiries or make a submission on our Submittable portal

On behalf of the Fels Institute of Government, I welcome you to the Re:CAP community.

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