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April 7, 2017
Re:CAP Staff

Re:CAP Recommends:  “Gaming and Public Policy: Q&A with David Shlapak” from the RAND Corporation

WhoDavid Shlapak is a senior international research analyst and co-director for RAND’s Center for Gaming. His current areas of research include U.S. national security strategy and simulation in strategic planning, focusing on European and Asian security development.

What: Gamification is the practice of using games to deconstruct complex problems. David Shlapak of RAND contends that the opportunities to employ games extends much further than traditional wargames in the defense strategy sphere. Complex problems like city socioeconomic stratification and gentrification, or broader national/global issues like climate change and immigration lend themselves well to gaming as a means to think about the problem and potential solutions.    

Takeaway: The nugget here is clear:  Cities, non-profits, and organizations of all stripes can use gamification to help think about intractable problems in new ways. For those interested in how, RAND’s Center for Gaming provides the pitfalls to avoid and advice on how an organization might set up a gaming construct for planning.

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