Re:CAP Recommends | A way to fight blight? Cambria County leaders study possible tool.

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March 17, 2017

Re:CAP Recommends: “A way to fight blight? Cambria County leaders study possible tool” by Jocelyn Brumbaugh

Who: Winifred Branton, Fels MPA alumna and author of the “The Pennsylvania Land Resource Guide”, recently presented on the PA Land Bank Act in light of Cambria county's persisting issues with decaying and vacant structures.

What: Cambria County is looking to an uncommon solution for a pressing problem. The County has engaged the Land Bank and Blight Technical Assistance Program for the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania to help create the necessary partnerships to address the problem of community blight and public nuisance properties. The program highlights atypical solutions for funding the destruction, removal, and rehabilitation of distressed communities.

Takeaway: Like many issues within local, state, and federal jurisdiction, solutions often require a multi-agency approach. In this case, small towns, County administrations and nonprofits have developed solutions to help move beyond deterioration using Land Banks and other non-traditional resources. Through partnerships and joint effort, solutions emerge. 

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