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January 27, 2017

Re:CAP Recommends: “The Nexus Between Data and Public Health” by Dr. Stephen Goldsmith for Governing

Who: Dr. Stephen Goldsmith is a professor of practice at the Harvard Kennedy School and director of the Innovations in American Government Program. His previous assignments include serving as Deputy Mayor of New York and Mayor of Indianapolis. He is known as as one of the country's foremost leaders in public-private partnerships and privatization.

What: Cities are looking at medical data in new ways. Some use GPS inhalers to track air pollution or vacancies rates to predict Zika outbreaks. Dr. Goldsmith suggests data of this kind can help propel cities forward by providing important context needed to address the root of public health issues.                                                                 

Takeaway: Creative uses of data help inform our understanding of the world. Today, a variety of data intensive tools can provide public administrators with varied perspectives that serve to inspire powerful insights; cities across the country are starting to leverage these methods with great success. By rethinking how and why we employ data, public leaders are better able to make substantive impact in specific areas of greatest need.

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