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August 4, 2017

Re:CAP Recommends: Fighting Cyberattacks With Volunteers by Jenni Bergal for Stateline

What: The state of Michigan has developed a promising volunteer-based cybersecurity model to increase their preparedness in the event of a cyberattack by malicious hackers, and it’s reminiscent of another American institution – volunteer firefighters. Cybersecurity experts from across the public and private sectors are prepared to join in the response to such an emergency, minimizing the damage, removing the hackers, and jumpstarting recovery. Other states are taking notice of this promising practice, and legislation now seeks to address legal protection for volunteers.

Takeaway: The narrative of presidential politics may be dominating the public’s attention, but it is crucial that governments continue to move forward and innovate in the face of disruptive dynamics growing from new technologies. According to the Case Foundation’s Millennial Impact Report, “77% of millennials said they’re more likely to volunteer when they can use their specific skills or expertise to benefit a cause.” Creating a corps of cyber firefighters could provide purposeful volunteer opportunities to tech-savvy millennials seeking to apply their skills to the greater good, all the while providing important, forward-looking protections to our systems and citizens. What other opportunities for skill-based volunteerism remain untapped?

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