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May 5, 2017
Re:CAP Staff

Re:CAP Recommends: “Full time or part time: does it make a difference?” from Thinknp

Who: Matt Hugg is the Chief Writer for Thinknp, a website for non-profit consultant professional development. He is also an instructor at the Fels Institute of Government.

What: It is vitally important to consider what your role is when consulting, specifically asking the question, “What kind of consultant am I?” Are you a full or part-time consultant? On which topics are you experienced and on which are you unfamiliar?

Takeaway: Recognizing your strengths and limitations as a consultant and naming them upfront with your clients can be a win for both parties. The value of the advice translates easily to any sector and is good advise for situational leaders, managers, technicians, or social start-ups.

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