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April 25, 2017

Re:CAP Recommends Restoring the Public's Trust in Government by G. Edward DeSeve for Brink

Who: DeSeve is Co-Chairman of the Transition 2016 initiative, launched by the National Academy of Public Administration, and an Executive in Residence at Brookings Executive Education. He has held senior-level positions in both the Obama and Clinton Administrations. DeSeve serves as a Senior Fellow at the Fels Institute of Government and is a recurring contributor to Re:CAP.

What: Trust for business, government, NGO, and media institutions is declining around the globe. For such organizations, public trust is necessary for effectiveness. In the current climate, government and other public sector organizations struggle between balancing the short-term demands of voters and the long-term systemic needs for continuity. 

Takeaway: To foster public trust, DeSeve outlines that public organizations needs to exhibit honesty, efficiency, transparency, accountability, good policy choices, and positive outcomes. Both these pillars and the public's perception must clearly develop over time, and it requires political effort as well as successful policies. By focusing on the needs of the people - as R.H. Macy would say, "find a need and fill it" - and communicating such efforts, trust will eventually grow.

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