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April 20, 2017

Re:CAP Recommends: “Raising Philadelphia’s Philanthropy” by Don Kligerman of Fairmount Ventures

Who: Author Don Kligerman founded nonprofit consultancy firm Fairmount Ventures and has a background in strategic planning and resource development. Prior to his work at Fairmount, he was Philadelphia’s Commissioner of Licenses and Inspections. Don received a Masters in City Planning at the University of Pennsylvania.

What: Giving is critical to the survival of philanthropic endeavors. So what does a city do when philanthropic giving falls below the national average? That’s where Philadelphia finds itself. Kligerman lends his insight in strategic planning to propose viable paths forward for the more frugal city at large.

Takeaway: His proposal is simple: Start a movement. The goal: Give a little more. His contention is that an increase of $0.56 a day per household might lift Philadelphia closer to the national average. Seeking collective action is often a sure bet and, in this case, may raise more than $320 million in philanthropic capital. Kligerman has invited insights and suggestions on the concept to

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