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Re:CAP exists to showcase the insights of those working hard within government and nonprofit organizations, and social enterprises to further the public good. By promoting the lessons they have learned, we have built upon the 80-year legacy of the Fels Institute of Government and its efforts to advance the practice of effective public management. We want you to be part of our publication and are calling for submissions on a rolling basis from anyone working in or studying government, nonprofit, social enterprises, or social issues.

What we’re looking for:

  1. Actionable and innovative: We aim to provide cutting-edge analysis and applicable conclusions for the community of professionals, academics, and students reading Re:CAP. That means that in each article we strive to ask what other people, across industries or interest areas, could learn and apply to their own work. When you’re pitching an article, think about what broad conclusions people may be able to take away as well as what they’ll learn about your area of expertise.

  2. Natural voice: The articles we share on Re:CAP vary in their formality, so you should feel free to use a professional but natural voice, and speak about your experiences insofar as they contribute to the conclusions you are sharing.

  3. Clear evidence: Whilst Re:CAP is not formally peer-reviewed, we have a strict review and editing process and ask that factual statements are supported with evidence. Further, when submitting please include reference sources, as we share University of Pennsylvania’s rules of academic integrity and will cease connection to any authors found to be violating these rules.

We’d love to hear from you – whatever stage your work is at – from an idea to a finished draft. We’re very happy to work with people in these early stages to help shape your idea, so please do reach out. 

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