Program Evaluation Instrument Creation

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Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute
District of Columbia
Organization Overview: 

The mission of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute is to complete President Reagan’s unfinished work and to preserve the timeless principles he championed: individual liberty, economic opportunity, global democracy and national pride. Specifically, the mission of the new Reagan Institute operating as an entity of the Foundation from both the Reagan Library in California as well as in Washington, D.C., is to move well beyond the Foundation’s mission to preserve the memory of our 40th President. The Reagan Institute proactively promotes his ideals, vision, and leadership example for the benefit of generations to come through youth education and academic alliances, scholarly work, and substantive, issue-driven forums.

Project Name: 
Program Evaluation Instrument Creation
Project Type: 
Program Evaluation
Project Overview: 

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute has recently launched a program for undergraduate students in Washington, DC. Students from institutions around the country are selected to come to the nation's capital where they take an accredited course on leadership and leadership development, are placed in an internship aligned with skill sets and interests, and engage in personal and professional development workshops, lectures and briefings. The Leadership and the American Presidency (LTAP) program launched in the Summer of 2016 and is grounded in real history where students hear from real leaders, all while applying this in a real world setting. 

As the program has launched, developed and grown in numbers, the need for evaluation has been identified. As the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute seeks to cultivate the next generation of citizen leaders, we require an evaluation process and valid instrument that seeks to measure program effectiveness towards our overarching goal. We are seeking to measure student development not just during and after their time in the LTAP program, but from a longitudinal lens over time.


Upon project completion, we hope to have a recommendation for what a long term evaluation method of student development looks like. This would include survey instruments as well as touchpoints for longitudinal data collection.

Spots Available: 
Executive; Full-Time
To Apply: 

To apply for this project, please contact Cassie Tomkins at

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