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Scattergood Foundation
Organization Overview: 

The Scattergood Foundation’s vision is to “be Thomas Scattergood” for the twenty-first century, seeking opportunities for productive dialogue and learning within the behavioral health field; and activating leadership and collaborative endeavors by awarding targeted grants to address important behavioral health needs in innovative ways.

Place Matters

In 2016, the Scattergood Foundation published a report, Place Matters: Perceived neighborhood safety and social support during childhood and its impact on mental health in Philadelphia – a GIS analysis of children’s population health needs and resources. Last year, a Fels student created a mobile app based on this published report. Now that the app has been created, there are additional featured that Fels student(s) can include to enhance the app's reach. 

Project Name: 
Place Matters App Development
Project Type: 
Data Analysis; Web Development
Project Overview: 

Student(s) will be responsible for adding additional features to the mobile app for the Place Matters publication. Student(s) will be expected to include:

  • More data
  • New analysis
  • More interactive ability
  • Predictive Models
  • and more 
Spots Available: 
Executive; Full-Time
To Apply: 

To apply for this project, please contact Cassie Tomkins at

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