Fels Alumna Sara Marie, MPA '15, Participates in PLAS Fellowship at Children's Museum of Manhattan

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Fels caught up with Fels alumna Sara Marie to talk about her summer as a PLAS Fellow.

Where are you working this summer?

I am working at the Children's Museum of Manhattan.

What do you do at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan? 

I am working with the Exhibits and Museum Education departments of the Children’s Museum on designing the content of their upcoming "Muslim Cultures Exhibit". 

How has your time at Fels prepared you for your summer experience? 

The practical nature of the MPA program at Fels has helped me pursue different internships in the cultural sector, while still in school. Those internships have made my experience at the Children's Museum richer, I understand the sector more, and I am able to give truly valuable input.

What are some of the challenges or benefits of your experience? 

While New York City might be expensive, it is a truly amazing city to live in. It will never beat Philadelphia, but it has a lot to offer in every field imaginable. It's always good to move to a new city because it's a learning experience in itself.

Are you in a new city/place? 

Yes, I am in New York City this summer. 

What advice do you have for someone looking to do similar work? 

Enjoy all that the cultural sector in Philadelphia has to offer. Exhibit design is all about communicating ideas in a fun and engaging way, the more you expose yourself to different environments, the better you get. I personally think Philadelphia's Franklin Institute is among the best in that field; just going there gets your design juices flowing! 

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