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October 7, 2013

By Kelliston McDowell, MPA '14

When faced with the decision of where to pursue his graduate studies, an “unprecedented commitment of time” by former Fels Director James Spady tipped the scales for Patrick Joyce (’94).

“Dr. Spady and I spent hours in conversation over the course of two weeks,” Joyce recalls. “While I was deciding on enrollment, we would sit in the courtyard and chat. He engaged and listened in a way that no academic had engaged me before.” “Through those hours of conversation,” Joyce continues, “it was apparent that this man and this program had something unique to impart upon me.”

In his role as Principal for Deloitte Consulting LLP, Joyce leads and works with both commercial and public sector clients. In this capacity, he helps them overcome the foremost challenges they face in their respective operations and even applies lessons from both sectors to each other.

“Fels prepared me, among other things, to work highly effectively across the scene – with both the public and private sectors,” explains Joyce. “I believe one of the enduring tenets of the Fels curriculum is learning how the system works and how to work it. The aspects of social engineering are absolutely critical.”

Joyce credits his studies for having imparted upon him “a grounding in skills that were immediately applicable. This wasn’t theory, but practical skills.” He further acknowledges an “emphasis on technical and political facets, an understanding that positive and sustainable change is only possible through collective human endeavor.” “Fels addressed that in a systematic way, something I’ve not seen done quite the same in other graduate programs.”

His initial commitment having occurred during his undergraduate studies at Penn, Joyce served six years – active duty and active reserve -- in the US Army Intelligence Corps. During that time, he was the lead of an electronic warfare intelligence tactical team. Joyce’s first stint with Deloitte lasted from 1994 to 1999. During that time, he worked to drive large-scale organizational transformation across social services agencies in California.

From there, he held executive positions with multiple software companies, both publicly-traded and privately-held. In 2005, this route culminated with his position as Vice President of Worldwide Channel Sales & Operations for Opsware, making Joyce responsible for building customer relationships and leading staff in twenty-five countries. In 2007, Joyce was asked to rejoin Deloitte and now operates in his current role as Principal.

In regards to his time with Deloitte, Joyce speaks of how “the clients with whom we engage and the businesses with whom we consult have imbued us with a great sense of purpose.” Joyce’s tenures have been marked with involvement in vital missions that public agencies support, ranging from social services to humanitarian causes to national security. These projects include providing low-cost telecommunications services to developing countries and also applying the latest in geospatial location technologies to improve local government services delivery.

Joyce, who is currently based in the Washington, DC metro area, is recognized by Deloitte for his commitment to staff. He leads multiple strategic training initiatives on behalf of the US firm and is a consistent recruiting presence on campuses nationally. More, Joyce devotes a considerable amount of time as a volunteer and mentor to numerous veterans’ service organizations.

For current and future Fels students, Joyce has some advice. He advocates that students “resist the temptation amongst the crush of classwork and internships to focus only on those things at expense of engagement among peers, public servants in Philadelphia, and with alumni.” “Don’t be afraid to push in terms of building those relationships,” Joyce continues. “We often refer to an apprenticeship culture at Deloitte, and there is a symbolic reward from such a mutually enriching relationship.”

Having accomplished much throughout his career, Joyce still holds dear the lessons and relationships he gained from his period at Fels. “My class’s time at Fels was a galvanizing life experience for all of us,” Joyce recollects, “and I still remain friends with my classmates two decades after our time there together.” “We were instilled with the understanding, appreciation, and ability to be lifelong learners in terms of our chosen professions,” says Joyce.

“Fels was a life-changing experience for me and chiefly responsible for my professional trajectory.”

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