Leah Binder Named Among Top 25 Women In Healthcare

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Top 25 Women in Healthcare" by Modern Healthcare.

Binder came to The Leapfrog Group in 2008 and has been working for transparency, accuracy, and quality in healthcare ever since. Under her direction, the patient advocacy non-profit based out of Washington has launched the "Hospital Safety Score". This test uses a set of 28 different criteria to measure the instance of accidents, injuries, and errors in a hospital, before grading it on an A-F scale. Leapfrog also conducts an annual, self-reporting survey for hospital staff, and together these initiatives aim reduce prevantable mistakes in hospitals nationwide. A simple medication error can have fatal repercussions for an already vulnerable patient, and Leapfrog found that hospital errors are now the third leading cause of death in America.

"To err is human, but hospitals are capable of addressing human error," Binder said in a recent profile in The Pennsylvania Gazette. Once Leapfrog's initial safety reports were made public, it didn't take long before hospitals took notice. In her interview, Binder noted "[Hospitals] take it very seriously, and they're clearly using it as a platform to make some overdue changes in their operations".

Though bureaucratic inertia does slow the rate of policy change in the healthcare system, Binder's persistent push for improvement has already led to lasting and life-saving improvements being made.

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