Wayne A. Smith

President and CEO of the Delaware Healthcare Association; House Majority Leader, Delaware General Assembly (1996 – 2007, State Representative 1990 – 2007)

Wayne Smith was an active legislator on a wide array of issues and had the privilege of being elected by his colleagues to serve as Majority Leader for the last ten years of his 16-year career in the Delaware General Assembly.  A chief responsibility as Leader was wrapping up the budget at the end of each legislative session, which involved intensive negotiations with the Governor and Senate leadership.  His colleagues recognized him nationally by being naming him Leader of the Year in 2000.

Rep. Smith was active on a wide array of issues during his career including:

  • Legislation to establish the nation’s first state-wide Automatic External Defibrillator program;
  • A law that established for the first time in Delaware a Secretary of Education answerable to the Governor in order to bring accountability to education issues;
  • Multiple tax reduction bills that brought the top personal state income tax rate down from almost 9% to 5.95% during his tenure in addition to providing for tax reductions in all brackets;
  • Laws eliminating both the Gift Tax and the Estate Tax in Delaware;
  • Ending forced busing in Delaware and authoring the Neighborhood Schools Act (2000) to promote local school attendance. 

Wayne Smith has served as President and CEO of the Delaware Healthcare Association since 2007. DHA is the trade association for Delaware hospitals and health facilities and primarily engages in advocacy, education and quality/patient safety efforts.


A University of Delaware graduate, he holds two masters degrees from the University of Pennsylvania (MGA, 1988 and MA, Political Science, 1988). He has taught graduate courses at Penn’s Fels Institute of Government (Financial AnalyticsCampaigns: How to Run and WinThe Art of Politics) since the 1990s. He resides with his wife and two daughters in Middletown, Delaware. His older children are on their various ways to being or becoming productive members of our society.  

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Fall 2017 on-campus meetings will be held on the following Fridays and Saturdays from 2-5:30pm. This is a half-semester course and occurs second session, November 10 & 11, December 1 & 2.

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This is a practical course designed to impart the elements of a successful political campaign for public office to the student.  Study will focus on the local campaign and how it is planned for, organized, executed and funded.  Local practitioners will augment course sessions to provide interaction between the student and those who have successfully ran campaigns, raised funds and been elected.  Discussion will include how the larger political environment affects opportunities and strategy as well candidate presentation and preparation.  At the end of the course students will possess the tools needed to structure an effective campaign for political office.

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