Beth Blauer

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Executive Director, Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins University

Beth Blauer is one of the nation’s leading experts on government performance programs. In March 2015, she was tapped to lead the Center for Government Excellence (GovEx) at Johns Hopkins University. As GovEx’s first Executive Director, Blauer and her team help governments make decisions and create policies rooted in evidence, transparent accountability, and citizen engagement.

GovEx was created in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies to support its What Works Cities initiative . Over the next three years, Blauer and the GovEx team will partner with What Works Cities to implement and enhance sustainable performance management and open data programs in 100 mid-sized American cities.

Prior to joining GovEx, Blauer led the development software tools at Socrata Inc., which help governments across the globe make connections between their data and performance. Blauer previously served as the Director of Maryland’s award winning StateStat initiative. During her tenure, StateStat was credited with important reforms that cut across all agencies and brought positive results to the State’s most critical issues, including Chesapeake Bay restoration, crime reduction, improved social service delivery, and better educational outcomes for children. 

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