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August 18, 2015

Public Policy Challenge Grant Manager Dylan Hewitt caught up with SmartTrack—the new and improved 2015 PPC winner Schoogle:

Since team Schoogle’s winning the Penn Policy Challenge and being runner-up at the National Public Policy Challenge in Philadelphia this past March, our team has certainly been on the move! We’ve done everything from changing our name to expanding our network, constructing our mobile app, and even getting into an Ed-Tech incubator. The entire process has been quite a roller-coaster ride, but we are all better people (and entrepreneurs) for it.

Schoogle to SmartTrack. Although the name ‘Schoogle’ was certainly a fan favorite, we decided that our mobile inventory management application sounded a bit too much like a well-known search engine. Thus, to reduce confusion and copy write issues, our new name—SmartTrack—was born. We like our new name, and we love our new logo.

Mobile App Movement. In June, our SmartTrack team started working with a small tech company called Pear-Circuit, based out of Purdue University, in order to build our first minimum viable product. We are hopeful that our MVP will be completed in the upcoming weeks—just in time to serve as the primary mobile device for our first Alpha tests. We’ve received the green light from the office of the School District of Philadelphia, and we’re looking forward to conducting our testing in two Philadelphia Public Schools this school year.

Navigating our Network. Over the past few months, our team has utilized the relationships we made at the NPPC to connect with policy makers, government gurus, and tech entrepreneurs. Each person has given us with excellent feedback, advice as well as a willingness to introduce us to their friends. It’s great to have the support of people in the public sector, but it’s also been an awesome experience to hear from tech people on how to move forward as entrepreneurs in the public sector.

Incubator Involvement. After meeting with Ben Franklin Partners, a technology-based economic development program in Philadelphia, we were connected with and educational technology incubator based out of Penn’s Graduate School of Education. The introduction was made, presentations were had, and finally we ended up receiving an invitation to participate in EDsi’s incubator class for the summer and fall of 2015. Overall, it has been a fantastic experience! We have gotten the opportunity to participate in numerous workshops and receive guidance from a great support system that has helped us to streamline our approach to breaking into the Ed Tech marketplace.

Passion for Procurement. Last week, our CEO and COO, Nate Bronstein and Rob Alterman, respectively—both flew down to Kansas City, Missouri to present at the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing Conference. Over nine hundred people attended this conference to talk about the new age of procurement, and SmartTrack was there. After researching procurement so thoroughly, we have a greater understanding of how important it truly is. Not only for the public sector as a whole, but especially for low-income public schools of the United States.

And that is why we continue to do what we do. We’re looking to make an impact in schools by helping them to save money and utilize their resources effectively via a mobile asset and inventory management application. Are we as cool as Superman? No. No one is. But, we’re pretty sure he’d be down to use our app to keep track of his superhero comic books.


We keep track of your stuff—so you can keep track of your life.

Written by Nate Bronstein, SmartTrack CEO and Co-Founder

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