Fels Announces Admissions Partnership with Teach for All

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Meghan Pierce, MPA '17
March 20, 2017

The Fels Institute of Government is pleased to announce its newest admissions partnership with Teach For All. Teach For All is a global network of over 40 independent, locally led partner organizations that recruit and develop promising leaders to teach in high-need schools and communities. This partnership will allow current Teach For All network participants and alumni to waive the Fels application fee, and would guarantee an $8000 yearly scholarship to any matriculants.


According to Darrin Kerr, Senior Director of Teach For All’s Scale team, “The partnership with the Fels Institute of Government is a great opportunity for participants and alumni of a Teach For All partner to study public administration and develop themselves to become policy leaders.”


A Master’s of Public Administration is an organic transition for those who have completed a year or more of service, because the degree equips students with practical skills to create meaningful change. A Fels MPA prepares students with the knowledge to understand the context of the political landscape, the tools to analyze programs and data, and the leadership experience to put insight into practice to effect change.


Emily Schulman, an admissions fellow at Fels, states, “An admissions partnership with Teacher For All eases the application process for their alumni. Such a partnership is an important step in ensuring Fels cohorts are comprised of a students with a diversity of experiences and perspectives.  We have seen how Fels students with service experience enrich the whole student body, and are excited to carry on that tradition as a result of this partnership.”


Fels highly encourages current and former Teach For All participants to consider the Fels MPA. For more information on Fels programs and how to apply, please visit our admissions pages or call 215-746-3700 to speak to Dr. Joshua Powers, Director of Admissions and Graduate Studies.

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