Two Fels Alumni Appointed to School Board

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April 16, 2018

On April 4th, 2018, Mayor Jim Kenney announced his picks for the nine board members tasked with governing the School District of Philadelphia. As featured in an earlier article, the slate of nominees included four Fels alumni. Now, among those chosen are two of Fels alumni: Lee Huang, MPA ‘06, and Julia Danzy, MGA ‘89.

Julia Danzy is currently a self-employed Human Services Consultant known for her work with children and social services in Philadelphia, as well as elsewhere in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Connecticut. Lee Huang is best known for his economic consulting services as well as his expertise in the theory and application of quantitative methods utilized in financial decision-making. While Lee and Julia have had very different careers, the unique work experiences and abilities that these professionals bring to the table will undoubtedly be of great benefit to the school district.

“I am excited to serve on the Board of Education,” said Lee, Senior Vice President and Principal at Econsult Solutions, Inc; “In wanting to help oversee the finances and operations of the School District, I have not only the present wellbeing of its 203,000 students in mind (2 and soon to be 3 of whom live under my roof!) but also the effect that a fiscally stable and operationally sound school system will have on the future vibrancy of the region, by strengthening the business community, attracting and retaining families, and serving neighborhoods throughout the city. That is something we all need to contribute to, and I’m humbled and honored to play this part.”

The Fels Institute of Government would like to congratulate both Julia and Lee for their appointment to the School Board. To learn more about the dissolution of the School Reform Commission that previously governed the School District of Philadelphia, or about the incoming school board, click here.

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