Martin O'Malley Speaks With Fels Students

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Aaron R. Kelley
February 20, 2018

Above: O’Malley with the Executive Education class that he visited on February 9th. Nadia Hardjadinata, quoted below, is pictured at the center of the front row.


On Friday, February 9th, 2018, former governor of Maryland and former Presidential Candidate Martin O’Malley visited Fels to speak with students over lunch, as well as during an Executive MPA class. The Fels student body enjoyed hearing about O’Malley’s career, learning about his administrative techniques, and discussing politics with such an esteemed and politically-savvy public figure.


During the events, O’Malley and the students discussed a wide variety of topics. One such topic of great relevance was related to the successes of Baltimore’s CitiStat and Maryland’s StateStat: data-driven performance measurement and management programs used by the respective governments to inform policy decisions.


Students were pleased to have been able to meet and speak with former Governor O’Malley in person: “I certainly enjoyed the event,” said Fels student Nadia Hardjadinata, “To be able to listen to someone who has made such a positive impact during his time as a Governor of Maryland definitely motivated me to do more for the public. I left feeling inspired.”


However, one particular statement by O’Malley seemed to have especially resonated with Nadia and some of the other students: "It's a big world. Life is too short to specialize." This, Nadia said, inspired her to go out into this world and learn as many different things as possible… all in order to be more able to positively contribute to society as a whole.


The Fels Institute of Government would like to thank Martin O’Malley for taking the time to visit and speak with students: your presence was invaluable and will surely prove to have had a positive effect on the careers of many future public administrators!

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