MPA Candidate Christopher Kimrey to be Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

November 9, 2017

The faculty and staff of the Fels Institute of Government would like to congratulate MPA student and Coast Guard officer Christopher Kimrey, set to graduate in December, for being selected for promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Just over 250 of the 454 officers considered for promotion were selected, with Kimrey ultimately ranking at the very top of the slate of candidates.


Kimrey made it clear that his Fels degree aided him with this achievement: “The pedigree and value of the University of Pennsylvania Fels MPA helped in my selection for promotion,” he said, “but more importantly, studying at Fels has helped me fine-tune skills where I was already strong and develop an entirely new set of skills in public finance and analytics that opens myriad new doors for me as I return to the service.”


All of us at Fels are very happy to have played this small role in the success of Lieutenant Commander Kimrey, and we continue to wish him the best in all of his future endeavors!

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