Gain practical experience.

Although internships are not a required component of the MPA program, they can be a valuable addition to a student’s experience at Fels. Many full-time students choose to participate in internships either during the academic year or in the summer between their first and second years.

Some students prefer to focus their time and energy on coursework or activities other than internships and some international students are unable to participate in internships because of visa and/or fellowship requirements. While Fels believes strongly that an internship will provide many benefits to the student, it is not a requirement for the degree.  

What are the benefits of an internship?

    Gain practical experience
  • Develop personal networks to assist with post-Fels job search
  • Apply lessons from the classroom in the real world
  • Experience cutting-edge issues in the field
  • Earn money--Many students are able to find paid positions, ranging from $14-20 per hour. Some types of internships, particularly with political campaigns or nonprofit organizations, may not offer paid compensation, although unpaid positions may lead to paid work at a later date.

What kinds of tasks do interns do?

  • Research best practics
  • Analyze program implementation and outcome data
  • Support program management
  • Assist political campaigns
  • Research grant opportunities and draft grant applications 

What types of organizations hire Fels Management Interns?