GAFL 5590 Social Enterprise, Social Finance, and Collective Impact toward System and Policy Change

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With an increasingly competitive market, the landscape for private, not-for-profits and government organizations nationally and globally has become more complex and diverse. Leaders across government, private, and not-for-profits are being challenged to lead differently given the diversity and complexity of organizations that cross and blend the traditional organizational legal structures. The course includes providing students with the essential competencies and tools to create, lead, and influence system and policy change utilizing Social Enterprise, Social Finance, and Collective Impact strategies and tools. The knowledge accumulated through this course will be “translated” to a working level knowledge of a Critical Thinking that is important for any leader or manager in government, private, or the non-profit sectors. Critical thinking involves making judgments based on reasoning: leaders consider options; analyze these using specific criteria; and draw conclusions and make judgments. Critical thinking competency encompasses a set of abilities that leaders use to examine their own thinking, and that of others, about information that they receive through observation, experience, and various forms of communication.

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