GAFL 506 The Problem of Jobs: The Philadelphia Story

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Once the "workshop of the world" with a diverse manufacturing economy, the City of Philadelphia has lost a huge proportion of its historical economic base in the past 60 years. Today, Philadelphia struggles to find its competitive advantage. Yet, it has tremendous assets that can be leveraged. This course will explore the rise and fall of Philadelphia's manufacturing economy, efforts to forestall its decline in the 1960s and 70s, the racial and gender dynamics of its employment ecosystem, and contemporary strategies to create a sustainable local economy. We will focus on the emerging national recognition of place-based economic development strategies, including the revival of downtown residential living, tourism, and hospitality, and the role of institutions, such as universities and hospitals, in the revitalization of urban America. The course will combine readings in economic and social history and urban economics with case study analyses of local policies aimed at stimulating growth.     

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