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The University will not admit a class to the Fels full-time MPA for academic year 2018-19. The Fels Faculty Committee has recommended significant modifications in the full-time MPA program to reflect a changing emphasis in our public policy education. Admissions to the program are being paused for one year in order to allow faculty and staff time to focus on this important initiative. If you have already applied and submitted an application fee for the full-time MPA, we will refund your application fee.
The Fels Executive Master of Public Administration will continue admissions for next year. If your interests and qualifications align with the Executive MPA, we invite you to consider this program for fall 2018. If you have already submitted your application and wish to be considered for the Executive MPA in place of the full-time MPA, please send a request to lps@sas.upenn.edu and put “Attention: Fels Admissions” in the subject line. Our staff will be in touch to confirm your status.

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