Full-time Master of Public Administration

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Full-time Master of Public Administration

Starting in 2015, the two-year, full-time Fels MPA program was progressively recast from a traditional public administration program to a more academically-grounded program that maintained its core public management course and topical electives while emphasizing statistics and economics and featuring more instruction by Penn's standing faculty members.

Building on the program's post-2015 improvements, in the academic year 2019-2020, Penn will launch a new one-year MPA program that is taught by leading Penn policy-oriented social scientists and is distinctively rich in applied data analytics and policy analysis.

Leadership and administration

Matthew LevenduskyProfessor Matthew Levendusky
Faculty Director;
Associate Professor, Political Science 
Dr. Ferdous JahanDr. Ferdous Jahan
Associate Director
Cameron MillerCameron Miller
Associate Director
Cheng YaoCheng Yao
Assistant Director


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