Using Data to Improve Customer Service

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Organization Overview:

At JEVS Human Services, we believe in giving people possibilities—opportunities to be self-sufficient and satisfied. Each year we touch nearly 30,000 lives, focusing on individuals with physical, developmental, and emotional challenges as well as those facing adverse socio-economic conditions including unemployment and underemployment.

It’s our mission to Make Hope Happen today while creating meaningful change for tomorrow. JEVS stakeholders work to shape and influence public policy to better serve the populations who need us most. Acting in collaboration with our advocacy partners, JEVS works to create sustainable solutions to the underlying issues facing the people we serve.

Operating with an annual budget of nearly $100 million, JEVS Human Services has 1,000 employees and two dozen successful programs providing skills development, job readiness and career services, vocational rehabilitation, recovery services, adult and residential day services, and in-home personal assistance.

Project Name:

Using Data to Improve Customer Service
Project Type: 
Program Evaluation; Performance Management

Project Overview:

At JEVS we are committed to providing person-centered services that meet the complex needs of our participants. To this end, we bring a customer service mindset to all our work and gather customer service data to stay in touch with our clients and inform programmatic decisions and strategies. Every JEVS program collects a net promoter score, which aggregates various measures of customer satisfaction and quantifies the likelihood of a client recommending our programs to friends or family. Most programs also conduct customer service surveys to get more personalized feedback.

Going forward, our goal is to collect more consistent, actionable customer service data across the agency. We value our clients’ voices and aim to grow from their input so we can enhance programs and services. The assistance of a Fels student would provide much needed support to help us learn from the customer service data we already collect as well as to identify updated customer service metrics and methods of data collection.

Deliverable(s): A report that

      • Reviews our current customer service data, summarizes the main takeaways, and identifies gaps
      • Presents an action plan for improvement developed in conjunction 
with our social impact team

The plan will outline recommended changes we can make to improve customer service in specific programs and across the agency, including updated practices and procedures, staff support and professional development. The action plan will also recommend methods for better data collection, identifying how new methods will fill previous gaps and outlining steps for implementation.

Due to JEVS’ large size and wide array of programs, it is challenging to gather customer service data that encompasses the  various populations we serve and reflects our programs’ complex operating environments. This project is a great opportunity for a student to learn about nonprofit data infrastructure and play a key role in creating a data-informed action plan with tangible results.

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