Three-Year Strategic Plan

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Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations





Organization Overview:

Established under the city’s Home Rule Charter, the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations (PCHR) administers and enforces laws prohibiting discrimination and inequality, resolves community conflicts, and promotes understanding and harmony throughout Philadelphia’s diverse neighborhoods. The work of our office is overseen by a nine-member Commission appointed by the Mayor that decides disputed complaints and conducts hearings to educate and inform the public. Overall, the PCHR works to make sure that everyone in Philadelphia has equal rights and opportunities.

Project Name:

Three-Year Strategic Plan
Project Type: 
Strategic Plan

Project Overview:

The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations seeks a FELS student to work with the Executive Director to develop a data-driven three-year Strategic Plan designed to expand its efforts to address inter-group conflict, identify comprehensive approaches to dismantling institutional racism, and expand its anti-discrimination advocacy efforts.

Three-Year Strategic Plan - The Fels student would work with PCHR’s Executive Director to create a strategic plan that defines the strategy, focus, and direction of the agency of the next three years. The strategic plan should be organized around four primary strategies:
1. Discovery –
a. Aggregate and synthesize PCHR’s existing data to define the agency’s strategic priorities.
b. Examine best practices employed by other Human Relations/ Human Rights Commissions in search of organizational and practice improvements.
c. Research and recommend partnerships with other community stakeholders, including intra-government agencies and community-based organizations that will provide support where there are gaps.
d. Recommend changes necessary to improve services across the agency.
2. Visibility –
a. Research and recommend strategies for increased visibility through traditional communication/marketing methods as well as social media.
b. Recommend ways to strengthen involvement with civic leaders, elected officials, community leaders, and the broader Philadelphia community.
c. Recommend strategies to increase public involvement in our public hearings.
3. Education –
a. Recommend strategies for proactive and priority-driven approaches to building and changing the knowledge, attitudes, programs, and policies within Philadelphia related to discrimination.
b. Recommend ways to partner with community leaders and intra-government offices to leverage educational opportunities that promote advocacy and change.
4. Advocacy –
a. Identify policy and legislative efforts that the agency should employ to address systemic discrimination.
b. Recommend internal and external partnerships that will mobilize a coalition of support to advocate for policies that support systemic discrimination reform.
The strategic plan should also propose a framework to evaluate the agency’s short-term and long-term impact.

Presentation – In addition to the research report, we are looking for the Fels student to present their findings and recommendations to stakeholders including Executive Direction, Staff, PCHR’s Commissioners, and other leaders in Philadelphia government.

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