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Pennsylvania Department of Revenue





Organization Overview:

Established in 1927, the mission of the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue is to fairly, efficiently, and accurately administer the tax laws and other revenue programs of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. On an annual basis, the department receives and collects all the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania General Fund tax revenue, which includes processing more than 10 million business and individual tax reports and payments annually. Additionally, the department is also responsible for administering the Pennsylvania Lottery, which remains the only state lottery that designates all its proceeds to programs that benefit older residents.

Project Name:

Telework Best Practices
Project Type: 
Policy Analysis; Strategic Plan

Project Overview:

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (PA) has moved to a primarily remote workforce due to the COVID-19 pandemic with approximately 90% of staff teleworking. This trend is not unique to Pennsylvania or the public sector, meaning that the challenges and nuances of telework are also not unique to Pennsylvania. The PA Department of Revenue (DOR) has sustained its core function of continuing to administer taxes and provide public services in this new environment; however, there is room for learning, refinement, and growth. DOR will likely be sustaining some degree of teleworking even after the pandemic ends or returning to work becomes safe again. We are seeking to explore this ‘new normal’ balancing in-office and remote work.

This project would entail researching the best practices for a telework environment, including employee engagement, performance management, training, and other administrative considerations. This includes analyzing best practices found in research and benchmarking with other states and organizations (both public and private) in order to provide recommendations. The research should include findings which existed pre-pandemic and also capture emerging trends from public/private sectors for remote work in response to the pandemic. The recommendations should take into account that DOR is a public sector agency handling sensitive taxpayer information with a strained budget.


A successful project will look like a research paper analyzing best practices generally, benchmarking with other states and organizations, and presenting a set of recommendations for the department.

The student(s) should provide a timeline within the first month outlining their project path and deliverable, i.e. research period, 1st draft, 2nd draft, final project, etc.

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