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City of Philadelphia Office of Innovation and Technology





Organization Overview:

The Office of Innovation and Technology (OIT) drives the City’s technology strategy. The office creates innovative solutions to make government services more efficient and transparent. OIT manages major technology projects for the City and encourages municipal employees and the public to engage with technology in useful ways. 

OIT’s responsibilities include:

  • Setting and driving a technology strategy for the City of Philadelphia.
  • Providing for the technology needs of City departments and their employees.
  • Modernizing and securing the City’s technology infrastructure.
  • Ensures continuity of the City’s technology operations.
  • Designing, developing, and supporting the City’s web presence.
  • Managing technology programs and services to better serve residents.

Project Name:

PHLConnectED Outreach Evaluation
Project Type: 
Program Evaluation

Project Overview:

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing a transition to all-virtual schooling in Philadelphia, it is critical that the City and its educational partners ensure free, reliable, and consistent internet access for K-12 families. To address this challenge, the City of Philadelphia, along with various partners, designed and implemented PHLConnectED – a program providing up to 35,000 K-12 households with internet connectivity and digital literacy assistance. The program will offer eligible student households high-speed internet through June 2022, either via wired access or a wireless hotspot. Participants will not pay any out-of-pocket expenses or installation fees. PHLConnectED will support families as they transition and adapt to the new digital, remote learning model and ensure an equitable model for educating our K-12 students.

Launched as a public-private partnership in August 2020, the program brings together the philanthropic community, local education agencies, a Coordinating Agent, community-based organizations, and the City of Philadelphia to get K-12 households connected to internet.

Goals of the Project
Given that the households that need access to free, reliable, and consistent internet may be difficult to reach, success for PHLConnectED necessitates a robust and creative outreach plan. Therefore, the Fels student will conduct an evaluation of PHLConnectED’s outreach plan. The evaluation will be conducted through research and case studies, interviews, and/or focus groups of PHLConnectED stakeholders. The goals of the evaluation are as follows:

  • Assess K-12 household awareness of PHLConnectED
  • Assess K-12 household understanding of support and resources available through PHLConnectED
  • Assess effectiveness of support and resources available through PHLConnectED
  • Assess effectiveness of trusted messengers of PHLConnectED
  • Assess alignment of PHLConnectED outreach plan with PHLConnectED
  • KPIs

A successful project will produce a report that includes the following:

  1. Analysis of PHLConnectED outreach plan
  2. Outreach recommendations and implementation timeline for the 2021-2022 school year

A successful project will also produce a 45-minute presentation summarizing the report’s analysis and findings to be shared with stakeholders.

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