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City of Philadelphia Office of Violence Prevention





Organization Overview:

The Office of Violence Prevention implements violence prevention strategies and initiatives that strive to prevent, reduce, and end violence – particularly gun violence – in the City of Philadelphia. Working in close partnership with law enforcement, City agencies, and the community, the Office works to build the needed coalitions to advance effective prevention policies and programs citywide, while increasing awareness about what works and building on the strengths in communities to promote a culture of nonviolence.

Project Name:

Philadelphia Roadmap to Safer Communities Data Dashboard
Project Type: 
Strategic Plan; Performance Management

Project Overview:

The Office of Violence Prevention is working on a revision to the Philadelphia Roadmap to Safer Communities (PRSC)—the City’s comprehensive plan that established a strategy for gun violence prevention and to reduce the rising gun violence rates—to outline the continuing direction of the city in combating violence in its communities. Currently, a report and presentation are being finalized that highlight the most relevant community and city-level correlates of violence which will be used to inform key metrics and benchmarks to be included in the revised Roadmap.

The goal of this project is to create a central “Roadmap data dashboard” that displays key data and metrics that are critical to OVP’s violence reduction programs. The dashboard will incorporate the key metrics—previously identified both in the report and revised Roadmap—from across a variety of domains (e.g. education, economics, healthcare) and City agencies. In addition, this project will establish data collection/sharing standards and reporting requirements related to tracking PRSC goals for regular inclusion in the dashboard and other OVP reports. A successful project will make data accessible to City leadership and staff for day-to-day decision making and track relevant outcomes related to violence prevention and reduction.


  1. Comprehensive review of current data quality, collection, availability, and reporting related to key metrics identified in the Roadmap for Safer Communities from across City agencies.
  2. Strategic plan, outlining the steps to for build out the existing data capacity with an eye towards the creation of a Roadmap dashboard.
  3. Data dashboard outline (including but not limited to- architecture/wireframing/storyboarding/design)
  4. Roadmap data dashboard that is inclusive of data from across City agencies and programs and that tracks relevant outcomes related to violence prevention and reduction.
  • The dashboard development will require collaboration with City departments and funded programs within and outside of OVP to put the strategic plan into practice, promoting regular data sharing and reporting across agencies to establish the database framework for the dashboard. City staff will support with the coordination, ensuring the Fels student can focus on data dashboard development in consultation with project supervisor.

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