Philadelphia Civil Service Renovation

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Office of Philadelphia Councilmember Kendra Brooks





Organization Overview:

Kendra Brooks is the first Working Families Party member elected to Philadelphia City Council in history.  As a Councilmember, Kendra is focused on addressing the affordable housing crisis, advocating for well-funded public education, and championing a Philadelphia Green New Deal. Her office is dedicated to realizing the vision of a Philadelphia where working families thrive.

Project Name:

Philadelphia Civil Service Renovation
Project Type: 
Policy Analysis

Project Overview:

The civil service hiring and promotion process in Philadelphia is in need of overhaul. We'd like help examining the current hiring and promotion processes, researching successful reforms from other municipalities, and ultimately creating recommendations for how to improve Philadelphia's civil service hiring and promotion process.


  • A paper and potentially PowerPoint presentation outlining current practices, potential areas for focus, promising ideas from other municipalities, and recommended improvements.

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