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Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association





Organization Overview:

Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association (OCCCDA) is a not-for-profit incorporated in 2005 and located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the lower Northeast neighborhood of Oxford Circle. Our organizational goals are to 1) develop and support a comprehensive, quality learning community, 2) nurture family stability, and 3) provide sustainable community and economic development.

OCCCDA works to create spaces that are multilingual, multicultural, and responsive to the concerns of our community. Oxford Circle is one of the fastest growing and ethnically diverse areas with a growing younger population and has shown increased poverty and a high unemployment rate. Our programs focus on immigrants and low-income families and their kids. OCCCDA programs include a STEM-based after school program serving 145 kids and Family Resource Center at Carnell Elementary school, an early childhood literacy program in 4 languages, adult education (ELL/GED), job search assistance, community food distribution and resources, and business support services.

Project Name:

OCCCDA Community Needs Assessment
Project Type: 
Needs Assessment; Marketing and Fundraising Plan; Program Evaluation

Project Overview:

Our programs are relatively small, but are growing. It is our hope that the student would work along with the Executive Director and other assigned staff to assist in the process of building our capacity for continued growth. We would like a student to update an outdated community needs assessment. Depending on student interest, there is also opportunity to conduct a related program evaluation and/or put together a marketing and fundraising plan. 

The first priority is for the student would work with the Executive Director, and Program Directors to update the OCCCDA community needs assessment for the 19149 and 19124 zip codes. If time and interest permits, we would also like the student to work with assigned staff to evaluate OCCCDA's Economic Development programs and providing recommendations based on their interaction with, and observation of the programs. Finally, the student could build from all knowledge gained from the program evaluation and community needs assessment and contribute in the creation of a marketing and fundraising plan.

Deliverable(s): Ideally, at the conclusion of the project the student will have,

1. Updated the community needs assessment for the 19149 and 19124  zip codes.

2. Completed a three to five page report evaluating the workforce development and educational programs offered by OCCCDA.

3. Contribute to writing a comprehensive marketing and fundraising plan incorporating the knowledge gained from the program evaluation and community needs assessment.

Proposed Project Timeline:
Month 1 to Month 2.5: Work with Program Directors to evaluate programs and submit 3-5 page report.
Month 2.5 to Month 3.5: Update community needs assessment report.
Month 3.5 to Month 6: Contribute to writing a comprehensive marketing and fundraising plan.

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