Maximizing a Burgeoning Asset: Crafting a Communications Strategy for Community Partnership School

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Organization Overview

Community Partnership School (CPS), a pre-K through 5th-grade independent elementary school in North Central Philadelphia, is committed to educating the “whole child” and making quality education accessible, in particular, for children from low-income households. Currently located in a building owned by Project HOME, a partner that helped launch the school 12 years ago, CPS has procured a 70,000 square foot abandoned building in the Brewerytown neighborhood and will relocate to that rehabilitated space during the current academic year. While the school will remain in the same North Central zip code of 19121, Brewerytown is a rapidly gentrifying community that has absorbed, often with great tension, a number of demographic changes over the past few years. The outcome of this move will be a permanent, high quality, still independent school, primarily for low-income children, that delivers on society’s pledge to make opportunity accessible for all.

Project Name

Maximizing a Burgeoning Asset: Crafting a Communications Strategy for Community Partnership School
Project Type: 
Program Evaluation, Marketing/Fundraising Plan

Project Overview

CPS is looking for a Fels student to help develop a communications strategy associated with a just-completed strategic plan. With the demographic shifts currently taking shape in our immediate neighborhood (Brewerytown/Strawberry Mansion), CPS seeks to promote its messaging and branding more effectively. This strategy will address our various internal and external partners and stakeholders, the communications mechanisms they utilize, and effective strategies for reaching them.

In close collaboration with CPS’ advancement team, the Fels partner will first review CPS’ current communications materials (print and electronic), assessing how they are implemented and their effectiveness relative to their purpose. From there, the partner will 1) research strategies appropriated in other nonprofit and educational settings, and 2) craft and propose a marketing and public relations strategy that promotes clarity across internal departments (e.g., Enrollment, Academic Program and Advancement) and facilitates greater consistency where external outreach is concerned.

Project Timeline:
Ideally, this project should begin by this coming winter and conclude in the spring.

Contact Name:
Eric Jones

Contact Email:

Contact Phone:
(215) 235-0461

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