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District of Columbia

Organization Overview:

AEquitas achieves justice by assessing and strengthening the prosecutor’s approach to sexual and gender-based violence and human trafficking cases. Our actions serve as a catalyst for change in agency, office, and case practices, as well as policies.

We are a leader in the field due to our passion for continuous learning, unparalleled experience, and commitment to action. We identify applicable laws, practices, and policies and analyze them through the lens of multidisciplinary research. We translate this research into strategies to empower victims, uphold due process, and positively impact the community. AEquitas puts these strategies into action in the field to achieve justice.

 Named after the Roman goddess of equity and fairness, AEquitas was established to support prosecutors in their individual and collective efforts to achieve justice in gender-based violence and human trafficking cases. Since 2009, AEquitas and its staff, comprised primarily of former prosecutors with specialized expertise in sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, exploitation and human trafficking cases, have worked closely with governmental and nongovernmental agencies to promote a contextual, rather than uniform, approach to the pursuit of justice for victims around the world.

AEquitas was founded in 2009 (first as a project of another NGO until we began operating as an independent entity in 2015. We are a national organization, providing training, publishing articles, and providing case consultation in all 58 U.S. jurisdictions (states, territories, DC, federal, and military). We have also provided training and/or hosted legal fellows from over 25 countries. We are primarily comprised of former specialized prosecutors and were founded to impact the decision making and practices prosecutors whose impact on victims and justice cannot be overstated. We are a unique organization with unparalleled experience and a commitment to innovative, informed and practical strategies to improve the field. We serve as a catalyst for change supporting prosecutors, government agencies, organizations, and individuals committed to our mission. 

Project Name:

Marketing/Fundraising Plan for AEquitas
Project Type: 
Marketing/Fundraising Plan

Project Overview:

Enhancing Justice by Expanding our Reach and Sustaining Our Impact

Throughout AEquitas' existence, we have been predominantly (almost exclusively) funded by government grants. This has given us extraordinary influence in the field and at a policy level. It has also allowed for relative stability. However, we have not diversified our funding in large part because we have been unable to identify and connect with appropriate private donors and to communicate the work we do in a non technical manner. Moreover, we are a primarily federally funded organization, so we cannot use our current grant funds for fundraising purposes and as such have struggled to develop a sound strategic plan that can help us grow and sustain our impact. Our goal is to diversify our funding, enabling us to drive our goals and activities more freely. It will also allow us to increase our size which is necessary to allow us to respond to the needs of our community.


  • A fundraising and marketing plan encompassing strategy and action that achieves a greater brand awareness among our current clients (prosecutors and other professionals relevant to achieving justice in sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking cases, while broadening our audience and reach.
  • Plan should be expansive, encompassing services we already provide as well as opportunities for expansion.

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