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Organization Overview:

Blindsight Delaware was incorporated about 70 years ago to provide peer support services, recreation, and education awareness to the blind and visually impaired community. The organization has provided peer support programs, recording services of magazines and periodicals, educational programming, field trips, and summer camp programs for adults and youth. Looking forward, the organization plans to implement evidence-based programming and expand the reach of its services.

Project Name:

Marketing Plan for BlindSight Delaware
Project Type: 
Marketing Plan

Project Overview:

BlindSight Delaware would like a student to put together a plan for how to best market its organization. Specifically, the organization is looking to how it can reach out to populations that have not yet been served as well as potential partners and supporters. The marketing plan could include a social media plan, recommendations for the website (which is currently being reengineered), identification of groups that might be potential funders and/or fundraising ideas, advice on how to share its message, and any other suggestions a student may have.  The organization is open to having a student tailor this project to his/her interests. For example, a student more interested in development/fundraising could focus on the fundraising aspects or a student more interested in marketing could focus on developing messaging language or materials.


A marketing (or fundraising) plan with actionable recommendations

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