Local Challenges and Solutions Landscape Analysis

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GreenLight Fund Twin Cities


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Organization Overview:

The mission of the GreenLight Fund is to partner with communities to address systemic barriers and collectively create opportunities for individuals and families in our site cities to move out of poverty and thrive. In collaboration with communities, we elevate local challenges, identify opportunities for investment, and launch proven, innovative models locally by connecting social and financial capital and resources to meet those challenges. GreenLight Fund is currently in 10 cities and growing.

Each local site runs an annual community engagement process to vet and invest in effective organizations. This method is implemented locally in partnership with the Selection Advisory Council, made up of local key community stakeholders, and the larger community that follows these steps: (1) Discover: Elevate needs not yet being addressed that matter most to residents facing systemic barriers to economic opportunity where results-oriented approaches could make an impact,(2) Scout: vet proven programs from across the country that address the identified need,(3) Select: select an effective program with the best local fit and capacity for sustained growth, (4) Invest: provide multi-year investment, build community partnerships and provide on-the-ground support to ensure sustainability and impact, and (5) Measure: measure results against specific, relevant, target outcomes on a regular basis. In January 2022, GreenLight Fund Twin Cities will be engaging in their second year of this process.

Project Name:

Local Challenges and Solutions Landscape Analysis
Project Type: 
Landscape Analysis

Project Overview:

The first 8 months of the year will be focused on the Discovery and Scouting phases of the GreenLight Method. The Discovery phase involves analyzing the local landscape to understand the community’s most pressing needs, meeting with community stakeholders from different sectors to gather their perspectives on potential areas of focus for the local site (ex. business leaders, nonprofit staff, community leaders, etc.), and working with the Selection Advisory Council to solidify areas of opportunity for the year’s selection process. The Scouting phase involves searching the nation for organizations doing impactful work in the chosen focus areas for the year. These organizations will be chosen based on the landscape analysis and community engagement work of the previous phase as well as an understanding that the organizations can be additive to the existing local ecosystem.

As a part of this process, GreenLight Fund Twin Cities needs support in creating the landscape analysis and mapping out best methods of engagement with community members (as well as who to engage) while in the first phase of our process. We will then move into the second phase where the main task will be to find organizations that can potentially be brought into the Twin Cities.

The Fels student will be responsible for creating the landscape analysis report, creating the network map to be used for community engagement, and reporting on organizations to be brought into our cycle. This will include:

Using the 2021-22 landscape analysis to inform an updated report that accurately describes the changing landscape for 2022-23

Conducting research to understand key local issues and important stakeholders in each issue area

Supporting in the creation and execution of community conversations to better inform key local issues

Searching the nation for innovative nonprofits and supporting in the vetting process to help narrow down list of potential organizations

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