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Organization Overview

Philadelphia LISC is a local program of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, a national non-profit community development organization dedicated to helping community residents transform distressed neighborhoods into healthy and sustainable communities. LISC mobilizes corporate, government, and philanthropic support to provide local community development organizations with loans, grants, equity investments, program development, and technical and management assistance. LISC's primary strategic framework is its Sustainable Communities Initiative, a comprehensive, place-based community revitalization approach with seven core activities: developing, preserving, and investing in housing and other real estate; increasing family income and wealth; stimulating local and regional economic activity; improving access to quality education; fostering livable, safe, and healthy environments; nurturing creativity through arts and culture; and strengthening community engagement and local leadership.

Project Name

LISC Local Policy Initiatives
Project Type: 
Strategic Plan, Policy Analysis

Project Overview

This goal of this project is to develop a local government relations strategic plan.

To be effective at what we do requires having both an on-the-ground view of neighborhoods and a panoramic take on all the forces that shape communities. It requires sensitivity to the needs and desires of residents and attention to how well our programs stick. And it requires seeing the big picture—pulling the lens back and working to shape the overarching government policies that help or hinder low-income communities.

Supportive public policies are critical to transforming distressed communities into vibrant places to live, work, do business, and raise families. LISC recognizes the important role that federal, state, and local government play in influencing cities, neighborhoods, and communities. That's why we work with government at all levels to establish and safeguard funding sources, policies, programs, and strategies that spur neighborhood revitalization in urban and rural communities throughout the country.

This project will develop an approach to influencing public policy in Philadelphia that is driven by the needs of the low-income neighborhoods and informed by the insight of our partners on the ground. That perspective will make us uniquely qualified to inform and influence policymakers and/or promote policies that can change neighborhoods into healthy, thriving, and sustainable communities. Our comprehensive approach to community development, coupled with our track record of leveraging substantial amounts of capital, has attracted support from across the political spectrum, which we intend to leverage.


Please describe what a successful project will look like when finished. What work product should student(s) submit to you at the conclusion of the project?

A successful project will provide an action-oriented government relations strategic plan that:

  • Analyzes the community revitalization landscape of Philadelphia, including actors, processes, and current issues
  • Evaluates the resources that LISC can leverage to impact policy in Philadelphia’s community revitalization space
  • Provides a roadmap for Philadelphia LISC staff to influence politicians and decision makers to guide Philadelphia community revitalization policy


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