LEED Ordinance Reporting Framework

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City of Philadelphia Energy Office





Organization Overview:

The Energy Office works within the Office of Sustainability to  procure energy for City government and lead municipal energy efficiency efforts.

 The mission of the Energy Office is to:

  • Strategically procure cost-effective, reliable, clean energy and conventional energy systems for city government.
  • Promote energy conservation and efficiency within City departments by providing education, technical expertise, systems change, and analysis of energy used.
  • Develop and implement projects and programs that promote the efficient use of energy and reduce the  City government’s environmental impact.
  • Support Philadelphia’s climate and energy goals, and position City government to lead by example.

Project Name:

LEED Ordinance Reporting Framework
Project Type: 
Program Evaluation; Strategic Plan; Policy Analysis

Project Overview:

In 2009, City Council approved Ordinance 17-111, the Energy and Efficiency and Environmental Design in Construction of Building, or LEED Ordinance. Through this, all large construction City buildings are required to comply with high standards for environmental stewardship and achieve a LEED Silver minimum rating. The Philadelphia City Planning Commission is required to provide City Council an annual summary of the status of City projects that are subject to the terms of this Ordinance. However, the issuance of the report is irregular and the Ordinance is unclear regarding exemptions for buildings.

If this project is selected, we would ask students to first compile a list of all City-owned buildings which have been constructed since 2009, noting which have achieved LEED Silver minimum as well as the building size (square footage). Second, we would ask the students to develop a framework for future  reporting, highlighting any common reasons for non-compliance. Third, we would ask the students to develop an infographic/one-page summary that could be used as a template for annual updates.

More information on the ordinance can be found here:



  1. Summary of City-owned buildings constructed since 2009
  2. Framework for reporting LEED status for future years
  3. Infographic/one-page summary we could use as a reporting template

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