Envisioning a Revenue of 2030

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Pennsylvania Department of Revenue





Organization Overview:

Established in 1927, the mission of the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue is to fairly, efficiently, and accurately administer the tax laws and other revenue programs of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. On an annual basis, the department receives and collects all the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania General Fund tax revenue, which includes processing more than 10 million business and individual tax reports and payments annually. Additionally, the department is also responsible for administering the Pennsylvania Lottery, which remains the only state lottery that designates all its proceeds to programs that benefit older residents.

Project Name:

Envisioning a Revenue of 2030
Project Type: 
Strategic Plan

Project Overview:

This will be more of a vision-cast project, looking 7-10 years into the future.

This is an invitation for you to assist us – the PA Department of Revenue – in envisioning the state tax agency of the future. The Department of Revenue has nearly completed a transition from a manual-driven, paper heavy production line operation to an agency where information is received electronically or digitally transformed to be processed, analyzed and acted upon. The agency receives tens of millions of returns and payments annually and is responsible to accurately maintain taxpayer accounts and report revenue. The output of the agency is to provide the funds for valuable Commonwealth of Pennsylvania programs on behalf of its citizens.

The opportunity of the next decade through 2030 is to continue the transformation of Revenue to support voluntary compliance by taxpayers and their paid representatives with state tax obligations through channels and tools that provide a solid customer experience, rely significantly upon self-service to enhance agency efficiency, and follow best practices of the private sector in communications, payments, electronic reporting/filing, and dispute and delinquent account resolution. There are additional government roles to be described including taxpayer outreach and education, acting equitably in the performance of tax administration, and provision of required infrastructure. These are important components of viewing Revenue 2030.

In essence, we are looking to have the Researcher taking on the Revenue 2030 project to provide his/her view of how taxpayers will engage the Department in a decade. You have heard words like “Customer Experience” and “Digital Transformation” and “Customer-Centric Design” outside of this assignment. Now apply them to Revenue 2030.


The Successful Project will be comprised of the following deliverables:

      Day 1: Project kick-off participation

      Day 15: DELIVERABLE ONE - An inventory of topics to be researched

      Day 45: DELIVERABLE TWO - A detailed outline of the strategic report

      Day 90: DELIVERABLE THREE - 1st Draft of the report

      Day 135: DELIVERABLE FOUR - 2nd Draft of the report

      Day 165: DELIVERABLE FIVE - Final report delivered

      Day 180: DELIVERABLE SIX - Presentation (including slide deck and

      Project Timeline: See above deliverables for timeline.

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