Developing Evidence-Based Programming for BlindSight Delaware

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Organization Overview:

Blindsight Delaware was incorporated about 70 years ago to provide peer support services, recreation, and education awareness to the blind and visually impaired community. The organization has provided peer support programs, recording services of magazines and periodicals, educational programming, field trips, and summer camp programs for adults and youth. Looking forward, the organization plans to implement evidence-based programming and expand the reach of its services.

Project Name:

Developing Evidence-Based Programming for BlindSight Delaware
Project Type: 
Program Development

Project Overview:

In the past, BlindSight Delaware has traditionally served seniors. However, in order to expand the reach of its services and improve its efficacy, the organization would like to develop and implement new evidence-based and year-round programs, particularly some that will target younger populations of visually impaired individuals and that can secure outside funding. The organization would like a student to identify evidence-based (tested and approved) programs that can serve clients and grow the reach of the organization. This might involve interviewing organizations that serve similar populations in other areas of the country to find out programs have proved successful or reviewing prior studies on interventions/programs.

This project will be supervised by Loretta Harper-Brown, the director of BlindSight Delaware who has extensive experience in grant-reviewing, grant-writing, and fundraising. Her experience in the grant-reviewing space has taught her the importance of evidence-based programming in securing funding. A student wishing to learn more about her areas of expertise or evidence-based programming could learn a lot from this project.


A report that describes one or more evidence-based programs that could be implemented by BlindSight Delaware

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