Design a Customer Relationship Management / Data System Strategy

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Organization Overview

The Urban Affairs Coalition unites government, business, neighborhoods, and individual initiative to improve the quality of life in the region, build wealth in urban communities, and solve emerging issues. We are a coalition of 70+ partner organizations, large and small, working on diverse issues that immediately affect communities. We strengthen nonprofit organizations through fiscal sponsorship, capacity building, and program evaluation; improve life chances for youth and young adults; and provide economic opportunity to low-income households, working families, and disadvantaged businesses.

Project Name

Design a Customer Relationship Management / Data System Strategy
Project Type: 
Strategic Plan, Performance Management, Program Development

Project Overview

The Urban Affairs Coalition (UAC) is a 49-year-old organization with roots deep in the communities of Philadelphia. UAC reaches an extremely broad network through our External Affairs department and through our 70+ Program Partners. As UAC continues to grow and expand its reach, we have identified a need to create an internal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and data system. This system will aim to house all contacts made by internal staff members, and especially those in the Executive Office. As relationships are built, their information needs to be collected, stored, and shared through UAC staff. With over 400 employees within UAC, each department may have connections or relationships with partner programs, or information from past experiences, that could be helpful for others within UAC if shared and available. Patterns and strategic opportunities could be better identified if information about all our contacts with partner organizations were centralized. 

This project will be seated in the President & CEO office, and work primarily with the External Affairs team under the supervision of a Fels alumna. This is an ideal opportunity for a Fels student to complete a strategic project for a large nonprofit organization. We are looking for an individual interested in Customer Relationship Management systems, data collection, systems/process creation, program operations, client relations, and research. The project will include completing interviews to gather information from staff members, and researching and recommending a CRM solution for UAC’s internal contact and data management. This is a unique project to create a functional system to become integrated into UAC operations, as they support daily workflow, impact internal and external communications, assist client relations, and help UAC drive change from the ground up.


The Fels student will first conduct interviews and gather research about UAC’s operations and internal processes around communications and customer relationship management practices, and also research CRM systems to determine and recommend the best fit for UAC. The student will develop a robust strategy and proposal for implementation of the new recommended CRM system, and will also develop best practices guides for using the new CRM system to be disseminated throughout UAC internal staff, and create a presentation for new staff training on the new CRM system. 

Project Timeline 

Spring Capstone only (to be completed by April 2019)

Spots Available: 


Full-time or Executive

To Apply:

Contact Euria Chung at

Fels Institute of Government

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