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Philadelphia City Council is the legislative body of City Government

Project Name

Evaluating Federal Taxes Credits for Reentry Programs
Project Type: 
Program Evaluation, Strategic Plan, Performance Management, Policy Analysis, Program Development

Project Overview

The government allows tax credits to businesses who employ those citizens returning to society from incarceration. (See background information about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.) However, business people complain that the process and paperwork to apply for and receive these tax credits is too cumbersome and the low tax credit dollar amount does not make it worth the time to apply. Effective financial incentives like the federal tax credit are needed to encourage employers to hire returning citizens and provide good job opportunities for a diverse American workforce. Job opportunities are critical to reducing the recidivism rate of returning citizens.

We are looking for the development of a policy research paper studying the two variables of the tax credit:

  1. How can we streamline the application process and in doing so, avoid potential overburdensome pitfalls that discourage or turn away applicants?
  2. What would be the effect of raising the tax credit? Compare the current tax credit amount with several incremental increases, and at what rate would a business then be incentivized to prioritize hiring a returning citizen and applying for this tax credit?

PLEASE NOTE: This project may be done by either a full-time student or executive student, but may be more suited for a student who is able to dedicate time during regular business hours to interact with the Councilman’s office.

Spots Available: 


Full-time or Executive

To Apply:

Contact Euria Chung at

Fels Institute of Government

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