Condo and HOA Fees: Implications for Affordable Housing

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DC Department of Housing and Community Development




District of Columbia

Organization Overview:

The mission of the Department of Housing and Community Development (DCHD) is to produce and preserve opportunities for affordable housing and economic development and to revitalize underserved communities in DC. The Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) team administers the IZ and Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU) affordable housing programs, both of which create affordable housing throughout the District.

Project Name:

Condo and HOA Fees: Implications for Affordable Housing
Project Type: 
Policy Analysis

Project Overview:

 Using the case of its inclusionary Zoning (IZ) program, DHCD would like the student(s) to research:
      1) What is the current range of condo and HOA fees in recent construction in DC?
      2) How do condo and HOA fees affect housing affordability in DC?
      3) How accurate are DHCD’s current assumptions about the contribution of condo and HOA fees to housing costs? (See assumption #3 on page 5 of*20IZ*20ADU*20price*20schedule.pdf__;JSUlJQ!!IBzWLUs!D4lKP1m7cwZMhCLGdEIUvZ8KHf88DaWFWHOES9vt4JnvkZJhDkv46tVF4Lu1aQD8$ )
      4)        What changes DHCD can make to its IZ program and/or condo laws to improve the long term affordability of its owner-occupied IZ units and ADUs?


Ideally the student will provide a summary of current condo/HOA fees & an analysis of a) how appropriate the current assumptions used in determining max. prices are & b) recommendations to improve long-term affordability, by either modifying the assumptions and/or amending the IZ/ADU programs and/or condo laws.

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